March 6, 2002 I almost died from self induced alcohol poisoning. Though this was a major event, it is not the story, the story is what happened after. If I had not recovered, my life would have become a statistic, and to those who might have been hurt because of my disease, I would have become a painful sigh.

Anyone reading this has known at least one or more people of painful sighs. They are persons who, for any various set of reasons, are unable to reach some measure of their fuller potential. I am not speaking of the potential we or society may place on someone; that’s something entirely different. I am speaking of the person who has such high expectations set up for themselves with visions so high and exalted that when the specter of inadequacy meets reality, the pain becomes so intolerable the only way to repulse it is to seek perpetual numbness. At least that’s the truth from this alcoholic. Read More