Recently, in the Yahoo’s “Shine” section, I came across an article entitled, “Facebook Billionaire’s Girlfriend Priscilla Chan Has Big Week Too (and Not Because of Mark’s Money.) The story goes on to congratulate Zuckerberg’s  long time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, upon her graduation with a medical degree (with honors) from the University of California, San Francisco’s School of Medicine. The feature also shows how she is responsible for the new Organ Donation program included in Facebook profiles. As expected, the story reference recent news of Facebook’s entry into the stock market with her boyfriend garnishing a 21 billion dollar profit.

Mention is made that two years ago there was rumor of the couple’s engagement, but this had not turned into a reality, suggesting that with the couple living together they have ” a new improved model for the so-called billionaire’s wife…make that partner. ” Read More