Like most, I am still pondering the tragic events which took place in Tucson this Saturday, and as a human being, and a person of faith, my deepest sympathy and prayers are with all who were killed, and those gravely injured by the actions of what can be described as unmitigated lunacy. My heart goes out to all who have been touched by this madness.

Over the next few weeks, and months to come, we shall read a magnitude of words of pointing fingers adding to further name calling. One side will point fingers at Conservatives as though they are a blight which must be removed, and there will be an other group blaming Liberals who are the true cause of all ills. The blame game will continue.

There are many causes which helped stir this weekend’s emotional stew, bringing the pot to a boil, and there will be some truth in each reasonable conclusion. Yes, words are important, and the rhetoric of hate can and will cause harm, and should have no place in a republic. This blog will state my own thoughts. Read More