dancertmI have been traveling through life for some time, and it occurred to me that my journey has taken many twists and turns. I have spent the first part of my life in the arts first trained in dance, and then taking the path toward music composition. I have been a dancer, choreographer, composer, and educator. More about these aspects of my life can be found on other pages. I have had a couple long term relationships, and another which was short, but possibly the most important, and the one which I wished might have lasted. Today I am single, and living in Pasadena, CA. I am an ordained Deacon in the Episcopal Church.

Today is another story, and a new life. Actually, my refreshed renewal began anew after I almost died from alcohol poising. Waking up each morning with a clear head, and a positive outlook on life is directly related to my sobriety. After five years, living a sober life does not make the day easier, as life is the same for each of us, but living a day pursuing the fullness of being aware is the gift of grace.

This page is an acknowledgment of my past, and a celebration of the present for in all these collections forms the patchwork one can call a life. Enjoy, and I hope be enlightened. It is my goal to share a journey with anyone who comes across these pages.