Hand Drawn AngelToday, much of our nation’s time concerned itself with private moments of contemplation, centered upon the unique events of September 11, 2001. Morning news showed memorials as they happened, and other programs recounted tales of heroics and tragedy. More than one person, including the President, tried to parallel the hyper terrorist attack of September 11 with the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, December 2, 1941. As I considered this statement, I came to realize that these two tragic dates have very little on common.

In December of 1941, Hawaii was not a state in our union, but a territory. We had considerable clout for this poor island which was stripped of its unique place in history, mostly by greed, and prejudice, but at this time, the Hawaiian Islands could by no stretch of the imagination be considered a State. In reality, the attack at Pearl Harbor happened on foreign soil; the Islands did not receive Statehood until 1959.

Other anomalies surrounding the attack at the World Trade Center as compared to Pearl Harbor include the fact that the Japanese attack was designed to put out of commission our navy, thus preventing the United States from intervening in the expansion intentions Japan had for it’s surrounding neighbors; as the United States had placed an oil embargo on the tiny country in which we exported 80% of their oil. Japan wanted to prevent our intervention as they sought to secure their own recourses for a growing industrial nation. Furthermore, Japan’s attack was directed on a military base, following the accepted methods of military engagement.

This by no means belittles the tragic events of December 7th, as I have visited Pearl Harbor and witnessed a moving story surrounding my tour of the Harbor, but knowing these points of history made me take another look at the spin placed on the attack on the people of New York City.

On September 11, 2001, the people involved were non-military, using commercial planes as high explosive weapons engaged in the dubious plot to destroy the World Trade Center, to murder innocent people, destroy the White House, or other important buildings. It was an attack on the peoples of the west, it was an attack on those who represented a nation which had become the enemy, not so much by what we do in the world, but by the hatred of who we are as people.

In the limited space allowed for my thoughts, I’m well aware the plots, plans and reasons given here are huge simplifications, but they in no way are as simple as the reasons given today by many government officials. I frankly see no co-relation in the events, nor do I agree with this apparent handshake of history.

The only parallel I can draw, is that in both cases, people were murdered, maimed and killed due to arrogance. In the case of Pearl Harbor, a refusal to read the signs, and to apply the information given. As we have found out (which I suspect is not the total answer, and also suspect the truth to someday fill the books by historical scholars way past my death) the shocking events of September 11 were the result of the same arrogance, the same misread signs coupled by a self centered administration run by people who’s best interests are clouded by their own misguided agendas.

My heart goes out to the families and friends, the fire rescue squads, and all people who risked their lives that dreadful day. I am not seeking blame, or looking to point a finger, I’ve no ax to grind, nor do I wish make a qualified political statement.

I merely wish to point out that arrogance leads to folly.