Baby yawning.There are many types of work cycles, and those of us who work in a church environment, focus on a liturgical church calendar. Once Pentecost is over we settle into the “Green Season” and enter into a lighter summer schedule.

When I was a regular churchgoer and the choir would disband for summer with clergy taking their vacations, the passing weeks slowly trudging onward. Yes, I would attend services, but all seemed to be marking time until everyone returned in the fall, and I remember looking forward to the Sunday when the choir and clergy returned.

Now that I sit on the other side of the calendar, things are a bit different. I look at the passing weeks, and they seem to blur into the next with little time to slow down, and mark time. I look at my plans for the fall and realize they will be here before I realize it with time ticking ever faster.  I look at dates in the future wondering how I will get things done while at the same time coming to the realization that I truly, and holistically need a break.

As I reflect, and look back to last summer, I realize that its been a very busy year/cycle. Last summer I took EFM mentor training on what was to be my first weekend of vacation time, and then during my first week of break took my canonical exams for ordination. This left me with only one week away from any obligations. Then, there was my final year of study, and my ordination which took place in February of this year. Since that time it’s been an interesting ride into a new life. This summer, my Rector left on sabbatical which meant I have held down duties keeping the church where I am employed on track, trying not to steer into uncharted waters.

If anyone has any concept of what I am writing about, then you might understand why I am in need of rest and relaxation. I look forward to this time away (from mid August-Mid September) from my usual duties. As the year has passed with lightning speed, I wonder if my 3 weeks or so will move as quickly or, for the sake of my inner being, time slows down a bit.

When I return from my time away, I’ve got a month until we have our 6th National Coming Out Day celebration, which this year has the potential to be a very important event. Then there’s the new church year with whatever holds in store from my rector who will be recharged and ready to go go go. In my present state, that’s too many go’s!