IconI leave on Thursday flying to Seattle, WA attending the NAAD Conference, North American Association of Deacons. This is a national convention of ordained, and lay people who are members committed to the work and ministry of the Diaconate. This four day meeting for networking, learning, worship, and bridge building will be an extremely important step in my own formation. As luck would have it, the keynote address shall be made by our Presiding Bishop Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori.  Other highlights include a banquet on an island, home of an indigenous tribe, and finally Eucharist held at St. Mark’s Cathedral.

I have no idea what shall happen, and who I might meet, and what I may learn at the 3 workshops I plan to attended, but I know the experience will be invaluable. I can only say that I am going and looking forward to this ever increasing step towards the mystery of my journey. 

Physically I am being taken to Seattle, but beyond this pedantic fact..where will it lead me?