Pride March 2004Once again that time of year, time for fags, fairies, queeries, and other homos and friends to gather for the West Hollywood Christopher Street West (Gay Pride) Parade. I suspect this year shall be no different. We shall gather together with our brother and sister Lutherans in the parking lot of a bank in weho, and will have a Eucharist service. I am happy to announce that I was asked to be a chalice bearer, which will be a great thrill. After the service we’ll walk over to the French Marketplace to have some breakfast, and then make our way to our spot in the parade line up to wait, and wait and wait.

I have no idea what shall come from the experience, but in the past each time I find a moment when something is memorable, but only in the subtle aspects of a connection, eye contact, or a wave of hope.

This year my friend Frank will join me again, as will Ian, and Lee. The four of us should have fun, and in my case, this will be the first time two of my friends will meet the memorable, and one of a kind Lee Walker. I hope his plans don’t change as it would be the perfect opportunity for us to all have a good time together.

I always find it interesting, having spent a good 16 years of my life in West Hollywood, how I never seen to see anyone I know, it is as if the city swallows people whole, and you never hear from them again. I must also confess a secret, in the back of my mind I secretly wish Erik (my ex) would appear, standing in the crowd. Last I heard he lives in San Francisco, and there would be no reason for him to be down this way, but still….it is fun to walk along the route wondering if he’ll be around the bend.