And i’ts in…the results have been tabulated, and counted. According to a Vatican Newspaper, Osservatore Romano, the greatest invention of the 20th century, the invention which best represents the liberation of women is [insert your own mental drum roll] the…..


The article claims, “The Washing Machine and the Emancipation of Women–Put in the Powder, Close the Lid and Relax.”

I amĀ  not sure if one wishes to laugh or to cry. The contraception pill might partnervermittlung ru not have been considered as it might be responsible for more women taking control of their future, affording women the ability to make choices as to the fabric of their lives, but this choice might provide the wrong image.

The Vatican, in its continued wisdom, opted to credit the washing machine as to give females of the world a truer sense of mission, and understanding to cope with the “Softer Fabric” of their womanly vocation.

How do you say “I roll my eyes” in Italian?