ballot boxSitting, as I normally do, outside each morning at my local Starbucks, I have the opportunity to become the unwilling recipient of various conversations. This is not something I seek, and on the whole, I try and block out these unwanted interruptions, but today’s conversation I found interesting, especially in light of our upcoming presidential election.

I overheard two elderly menĀ  talking about their life and friends, and how the housing market has taken a major downturn, typical stuff I thought, trying to tune out the conversation, minding my own business, until I heard one gentleman bring up the subject of Sarah Palin. He was under the impression that “they” were trying to lam blast the Governor of Alaska, and using everything “they” could use to discredit her. One guy exclaimed that Palin was “spunky.” An other attempted to discredit her critics saying that George Bush had no experience when he was elected, so it was perfectly alright for Palin to assume the job, a heartbeat away from the President of the United States. I also overheard it said that they were not too thrilled with McCain, but Palin was alright – here endeth my snoopiness.

Experience matters, and can we trust a Vice President who has no concept of how the Senate works? Experience matters, and can we trust someone who has a narrow vision of the future, only thinking in terms of their limited experience as a small town mayor, and Governor of a state which has less population than many major cities? Experience matters, and can we trust the limited thinking of a self described hockey mom who can only see the future as to how much oil we can pump from our land, ravishing the beauty of the earth without considering the toll it can take on humankind?

The two men speaking likened Palin to GW Bush, and his lack of experience. Anyone who has paid attention to the news of late, and over the past 8 years can see what happens when the electorate chooses a leader from the lowest common denominator; a wrecked economy, and a failed foreign policy coinciding with a loss of trust from much of the world.

Besides being a sexist comment, we need more from a person elected to this office than being “spunky”, and we need more from a leader who would ask someone of her background to lay in wait as the oldest person in our history asks to be chief executive of this nation.

We don’t need someone Spunky or a Mavarick, we need sane solid leadership, and an individual who understands the current trends of our society and the world.