Last Friday, late morning was spent doing something I have always enjoyed; introducing people to things which might change their perception of the world, and expanding their knowledge. I took a young student to visit the Japanese Garden, Huntington Library, and GardensHuntington, to experience the grounds (see picture of the Japanese Garden), and to see the beauty of the grand old house with its collection of furniture and paintings – it was his first view of English portraiture and all this entails.

The late afternoon was an experience in total opposition, in direct relation to the yinyang as while driving my friend home, a car darted out in front of me, crossing the free flow of traffic – a realization that the car was not going to make it, and that we were going to hit the car head on. Adjusting my trajectory, I was able to avoid hitting the driver’s side, smashing into the front of the car. In a moment the airbags explode, and we sit dazed for a moment waiting for reality to gain speed with the moment. A quick check inside showed that we were not injured.

I will spare the reader the intricacies of filling out police reports, but it should be noted that the San Marino P.D. handled the accident with professionalism, and care. They were so nice that I half expected one of the officers to asked if I wanted a latte. As my passanger and I were about to climb into the flat bed tow truck to drop us off at the body shop, the woman who was driving the other auto sheepishly made her way over to me, unsure of what I might say. With sincerity she looked up and said she was sorry; she was, and before I knew what I was doing I found that I had my arm around her saying, “I forgive you.”

There are times in all our lives where we might be confronted with the realities of faith, and how we express this faith, and teachings to the world. We may be tested in ways which will show if we provide lip service to our idologies, and if we are able to truly exemplify the teaching we aspouse, or in some cases teach to others.

If we profess to be Christian, we should be known by at least these two things; compassion, and forgiveness. If we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we are asked to have the strength to “forgive those who tresspass against us” or as the older version says “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,” those who feel they owe us a debt until it is worked off.

I don’t know what will happen, I’m sure there will be frustrations with insurance, and other trials. I don’t know if my car is totalled, I’m not sure how extensive her insurance policy is (she was driving a BMW, so I am hopful), but outside the pedantic, I can rest in being able to forgive, and forgiveness spreads love, and love heals, and in this I will abide.