So, I went to work today, Sunday, a day in which we had planned to gear towards children (it was also a day when my Gloria and Fraction Anthem was to be sung), and before the 10am service, my rector comes over to me to say that her printer was acting up and could not print out the pictures for her Children’s Homily. Knowing I have a background in theater and dance, she asks if I could do a movement improve based on the story of St. Francis.

As people are walking into church, I quickly look at the various props left on a table, and take a very fast glance at her homily and deicide not to try and memorize anything that quickly, to just do it…….I did it….the children laughed (especially when Francis was kicked out of his house and punished by his father, I went “wahhhh). An adult after the service said that I did a very good job playing a drunk, I explained I have had years of experience in this matter…..the children looked at me with a glint in their eyes I had never seen before, the adults want more of this kind of worshipful mirth…but was based on the concept called “Godly Play.”

Why did this work? Amy (my rector) knew the things I can do, and was comfortable asking, I was willing to be a fool for God, we were able to communicate via our senses during the homily, and the Spirit resided with us (note – the Holy Spirit almost always works in groups).

Lesson: sharing a message from the Gospel (the supreme role of the Deacon) can be accomplished in many ways – risk and use them.

Next up: October 12, National Coming Out Day Service at St. Wilfrid’s in Hunitngton Beach, CA