A quick note to say, for those who read these pages, that it is not because I have nothing to say, or that nothing has been happening on my journey of interest to share, this is far from true. I have been extremely busy with work, and school, and the planning of the big National Coming Out Day service slated for October 12.

Studying with James A. Sanders as I have over the past few weeks has brought such a new outlook to the Hebrew Bible that I am in the midst of wandering in the wilderness, not in a bad light, but one of such illumination, for the moment, I am blinded by the light. These illuminations are such that I must take time to inwardly digest and take time for such new thoughts to settle into my being. This revelation not only has influenced my thoughts about the Hebrew Bible, it shall carry over to my further understanding of the Second Testament as well.

For some, I’ll be jumping on board of a train of knowledge others have been happily studying, and contemplating for years, and to others, I’m sure, I will be just one of those crazy people who adds another hurrah to those who embrace sound Biblical Criticism.