Bluring the TruthWe are a people easily seduced, it seems to be a part o four DNA. Hitler and his propagandists were well aware of this human condition when he successfully used German Jews as a reason to take control of a nation, at the behest of the people! Madison Avenue is quite aware of how to manipulate us into thinking we actually cannot live without a product, no matter the cost, the fiscal irresponsibility it may add to our lives, or for that matter our environment. In the Bible, we are shown to be a people obsessed with power who are not happy to have received a gift, but want to shoot beyond this role, and become the giver (in other words, eating of the fruit from the tree of wisdom and knowledge to actually BE God.) We are also more than happy to apply the principles of the scapegoat, to infuse the scapegoat with our transgressions, and applying them to this mythical beast so that we do not have to face reality. Ah yes, the familiar face of denial.

The current Bush Administration is quite aware of how to seduce and blur truths. Those who did not support the president for his re-election bid were caught red handed by they making a non-issue an issue for a National Campaign. If you remember, in states where the president was failing, the sudden issue of Gay Marriage suddenly polarized the public, which in effect became an issue surrounding the election of a presidential candidate; the reality was the president has NO BEARING on marriage. It is a state issue. Yet, the blurring of the truth, and the seduction of the people surrounding this issue was successfully attached to the candidate, and it worked.

With the choice of a small town, small government governor, with no national experience, we are once again being offered a chance to be seduced. People seem attracted to her blunt talk, and her spunky attitude, the soccer mom rising through the ranks attacking the immorality of the world, the plain spoken, direct talking mother with trendy glasses and highlighted hair………..the seduction plan is in full swing.

The reality is a) the VP is to be the president of the senate, and b) the VP is to take over the office of President if the president dies, or is incapable of fulfilling the duties assigned by the Constitution.

A smart president would choose a VP who has a working, tight relationship with the senate; that’s how legislation is passed. A president can’t write bills, so the executive branch needs a strong person who knows Congress, who has a good reputation, and one that can get things done. One reason the current administration has failed so miserably is we have a War Hawk as a VP who has no congressional experience, other than trying to kill people’s congressional reputations.

The current partner chosen by the Republican Party has NO experience in the senate. On the Democratic side, Joe Biden has a long history, a person who has worked with both sides of the house. Joe Biden is respected, and well thought of by many people; he knows how to get things down, and how Congress works.

Palin, who can’t seem to get over her own publicity,  has proven that she is not able to put her interests behind the voice of the people, she is already having to explain herself, putting out small rhetorical forest fires. She is ill equipped, inexperienced, and seems unwilling to follow the policy set forth by her presidential candidate (I am speaking of their separate views on abortion).

Jesus was well aware of seduction, he was aware that the religious powers during his time were blurring truths, unable to grasp the wisdom of God; they were hung up on the externals found in the purity laws, and the holiness code. They made an idol out of human invention, and we, in our time, must be aware of idol making in order to mask the realities of failed policies, an economy sliding towards destruction, a loss of hope, and among other things, a loss in stature amongst our worldly neighbors.

If we can be seduced by a loud mouthed, aggressive soccer mom with trendy glasses, and highlights in her hair, we can slip into our self prescribed denial, and refuse to acknowlege truths.