National Coming Out Day Service

I am happy to announce the 5th anniversary of St. Wilfrid of  York Episcopal Church’s offering of a celebration of National Coming Out Day set for Sunday, October 12 at 6:00 pm. The theme of this year’s outreach service is entitled, “You Can, You Are” which were the words of slain Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Salvador affectionately known as Monsignor Oscar Romero. Music will once again be provided by the well known GLBT choir from Long Beach known as South Coast Chorale.

One of the profound sections of the Iona Community adapted liturgy will be the inclusion of people’s coming out stories in light of their faith. My hope was to include people from high school age and onwards, and have people share their own experience. I am very pleased to say that people have been willing to step forward to share their lives with others. One of the music pieces to be performed by the Chorale will be a coming out letter of a son to his mother, taken from Armsted Maupin’s Tales of the City. Another musical highlight I’m still trying to put together will be a moving arrangement by Chris Tomlin of Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).

Though there is still much to be done co-coordinating the service, and there are still things to be ironed out, I am in a pretty good position to achieve a meaningful evening for as many people as we can get to show up. The co-officiants for the service will be the co-presidents of the Bishop’s Commission for Gay and Lesbian Ministry, Diocese of Los Angeles. The commission has asked to embrace the service a function of the commission, moving the service next year to our Pro-Cathedral. I find this an amazing thing (talk about amazing grace) as the service began as my brainchild, starting in the chapel of St. Wilfrid’s church with about 15 to 20 people.

It is truly the embodiment of this year’s theme: You Can, You Are.