Movie Poster: Chris & DonI recently attended a lecture by Ishwerwood and literary scholar, James Berg who shared insights into the formation of his current book, Christopher Ishwerwood on Writing. The book is a reconstruction of notes taken from lectures Isherwood had given at various institutions of higher learning in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and UCLA.

I enjoyed listening to someone discuss Isherwood as I went through my Isherwood period during my mid twenties slowly making my way through almost everything I could find in print. One my my pleasant memories was meeting Isherwood, in the early 80’s, at the now gone A Different Light bookstore in Silverlake in which I was able to have him sign his masterpiece, A Single Man, and his current book, “October”, a series of diary excerpts from the month of October interspersed with drawings by his long time life partner, Don Bachardy.

What sparked my interest, outside of basic information Dr. Berg offered; a sketch of the famed creator of the Berlin Stories (which eventually became the musical Cabaret) was that a new documentary had been created to share the love story of Chris & Don.

Long before couples were thought of as permanent, and in an age where it was very common to jump from one partner to another, Isherwood and Bachardy met at a local beach; Barchardy a very young man of 18, and Isherwood in his early 50’s. Through Bachardy’s education, and studies various places, the two remained committed to each other, and remained together for the rest of Isherwood’s life, some thirty years.

This doccumentary is being screened through the US, and I’m sure in other parts of the world, but will be difficult to find. I was lucky enough to find a screening in Pasadena, and will attend this coming Friday. I will be offering a review. I look forward seeing this piece, and especially having met both of them, and seeing the couple around town (the last time was at a movie theater to see Risky Business with Tom Cruise), I hope to gain a glimpse into the reality of a relationship I have always held up as a paradigm.