It is my educated guess that most of the people who signed the referendum asking to amend the State Constitution to protect “marriage” would self identify as Christian. I italicize Christian because I doubt that most of the people who do so are not involved in community, and have no concept of what a Christian Community of Faith is, or how it works.

Many of these self identified Christians site that marriage is something which was instituted by God, and is a joining of two people as God intended. Many will read certain passages at their wedding ceremony from scripture which might include a passage from the Wedding at Cana, a celebration Jesus himself attended, and one in which he performed his first sign (miracle).

I think it important to help our Christian friends realize that they must protect marriage. If they are to base their ethical and moral lives upon scripture, and if they are to fully embrace “scripture alone” as a moral imperative, they must not only consider marriage vows, but the full realization of Jesus’ words when he speaks of divorce. Since current national statistics surrounding the divorce rate is approximately 51% (a good chance that half of each marriage performed in the USA ends in divorce) it would be good to remind Christians, especially Heterosexual Christians Jesus teaching as the word of God.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus has some strong words to say about divorce. In Chapter 5, Jesus says that unless the grounds for divorce are for unchastity, and if the man (notice he has nothing to say about females) remarries, he is guilty of adultery. This, of course, is seen as an abomination before God, and very possibly subject to stoning.

Also contained within the same Gospel of Matthew in Chapter 10, Jesus offers the crowd his teaching on marriage; despite the fact that the Pharisees were trying to trick him so that they could claim blasphemy. In this passage Jesus teaches that the man leaves his mother and his father (there is no mention as to what the wife leaves) and are joined as one flesh. Again Jesus reiterates: “And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for unchastity, and marries another commits adultery.” It Jesus is very concerned with the process of divorce.

I would hope that instead of trying to pass an amendment to our State Constitution regarding same sex civil marriages, these righteous Christians should be more concerned about breaking a law laid down my Jesus regarding divorce. To this end, I am surprised that they have not or are not willing to also add to the State Constitution a new law forbidding divorce, especially since this is the true, right, or moral and ethical Christian position taught by Jesus.