Humility is the only true wisdom by which we prepare our minds for all the possible changes of life.  – George Arliss

Much has been said about the current crop up of violent, angry Caucasians spouting nationalist Nazi rhetoric. Some have thought that these people were disgruntled “blue collar” workers protesting the loss of industry. Others think that the torch carrying mob were members of the Klu Klux Klan. Another theory suggests that these people are uneducated having been raised in an atmosphere of racial isolation.

The scary reality is that these groups brandishing Nazi swastika flags are, for the most part, middle class, college educated, and corporate employed. If   employment, education and wage earning is removed from the grievance plate, what’s the cause or the motive behind the current crop of white supremacy groups shouting Pro-Nazi rhetoric? Do they really believe in a Master Race?

One must remember that the Nazi “Master Race” ideal was to pit one type of Caucasian over another. The word Aryan had its origin in linguistics referring to speakers of the Indo-European languages. Later, the term was applied to people of Nordic-German descent. From the Nazi point of view people born from Nordic-German parents were superior to other people within their race.

If we apply Nazi Germany’s logic, most of the people in the 21st century espousing Pseudo-Nazi sentiments would be dismissed as inferior by Hitler’s geneticists, especially in the United States where a genetic melting pot is the norm.

So, what and how would we define this new crop? What does “white supremacy” address in the United Sates of the 21st century?

In a day and age where answers are often clouded within variant shades of gray, the answer is pretty simple: partnersuche für schwule the support and recognition that Male Caucasians deserve to maintain dominance, power and superiority over people from other genetic backgrounds with regard to race. The White Supremacy movement is hyper-focused bigotry.

My guess is that the election of Barack Obama reinforced the fear that these United States was no longer a nation run by male white folks, and this fear fed and fueled the fires of hyper bigotry. The last presidential election did not help as the Democratic Party nominated a woman. Fear upon fear was magnified as leadership was presented moving from a black man to a female, two of the most anxiety ridden choices.

The choice was clear: elect an uber-Caucasian, mouthy, freewheeling, self-promoting misogynist to right the wrongs of 8 years, setting the country on the path of what is perceived to be a solution to dystopia: an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad.

That’s why the current administration is doing all they can to overturn policies set by the black man’s presidency. That’s why female leaders from around the world find Trump’s actions creepy, and uncomfortable. That’s why Transgendered people are the new target in the military. That’s why an elected president continues to hold rallies so that dystopia can be fed, and fueled.

White men are good, and should retain power, racial diversity is evil, and will bring down power and prestige, women should be subordinate to masculinity which is the primary trait for valid leadership.

This current philosophy is best represented by using a picture of a dilapidated Fotomat kiosk.  Fotomat reached its zenith in the 1980s with 4,000 stores across the country where people could drop off film for processing, or to buy photo supplies. With the invention of digital cameras, the business model became obsolete.

White Male Supremacy is as broken-down as Fotomat. This model of living is obsolete, and those espousing its return are as broken as the Fotomat business model. The world has, for the most part, grown up to face new challenges and has better things to do than whine and cry over of nostalgia.


Let us hope and pray our country is growing up, and that we might be seeing the final awkward, painful acting out from pre-adolescence.