Mindful Walking: February 3, 2015

Nicholas Sparks from At First Sight wrote:

“Does trust have to be earned, or is it simply a matter of faith?”

 I must be honest. To earn trust, at least for me, was a troubling thought because I could not recall setting up a criterion for trust? The more I walked, and pondered, I came to realize that trust is an outward growth from the experiential. Out of an on-going experience grows a sense of trust, and from a trust one can define a feeling which could be associated with faith.

During my walk I looked over to my right and discovered a path leading up a hill. There was a small fork allowing for two routes, one to an open tree spotted meadow with the other leading higher still. After a brief look at the open area where a tree had fallen (which seemed a sensible pictorial metaphor for the reflection question) I opted to walk the steeper path.

Midful Walking Feb. 3-15The path I took began to climb upward. Looking up I could see that    the trail would end at a fence. Once I reached the border of the garden I came across another sign with an arrow pointing to the right. The sign simply read “trail.” Curious, I walked this trail which was a bit more rugged at first. At one point I had to stoop very low to squeeze under a branch blocking my way. In time it turned out to be a beautiful simple trail arching to a small ridge overlooking the gardens, allowing me to scope out the hillside below. As I looked up I could see the glorious Angeles Crest Mountain Range; the blue sky accentuating the mountains in the distance. Below I could view the green flora, alone amongst a blanket of coastal oak shrubs.

My question was answered.

Trust, indeed, grows from experience. When I got up the hill and found the sign pointing in the direction of a new trail, I had to trust that the persons who planned the walking path knew what they were doing, and that it would lead me back to where I could continue my walking experience unfettered, back into the body of the gardens. Yes, the walk brought a few slight twists and turns with minor difficulties, but nothing I could not handle, yet the effort presented a stunning view, and garnished a new insight; trust feeds faith, if we are willing to risk.