It was reported today that screenwriter Abby Mann had passed away. One of the most important films he made was the Stanley Kramer epic, Judgment at Nuremberg. According to the Los Angeles Times:

During his more than 50-year career as a writer, producer and director, Mann built a strong reputation for his issue-oriented, thought-provoking projects. A multiple Emmy winner, Mann was especially critical of the inner workings of the American criminal justice system. He was known for creating complex characters and was scrupulous in his investigative research.

The movie version of “Judgment” brought him to Hollywood, where he went on to write 1963’s “A Child Is Waiting,” directed by John Cassavetes, a drama that dealt with mentally challenged children, and the 1965 adaptation of Katherine Anne Porter’s novel “Ship of Fools,” which was directed by Kramer and brought Mann a second Oscar nomination.

I invite you to click on the scene which represents the power of using words to express a sentiment so strong that is speaks to us today; this is the use of language which surpassed the time in which it was written, or even the context for which it was intended. It also helps to have a powerhouse like Spencer Tracy deliver the words in such a way that truth is brought to life.