asterisk.jpgAs I participated in two services this Easter Sunday at the parish were I am on staff my mind would occasionally turn to Arron, the fictional person I had spent much time with during Lent, the subject of the GLBT Stations of the Cross reflections I had created and posted here on my site. I wondered about his future, and what might happen to his group, the small band of people who invited him home.

I wondered how the might have found out about the resurrection, and what they might have thought. I wondered if Aaron might have sought out some of Jesus’ band of followers, the one’s he recognized during the execution, and found them? I wonder if he was present during the Pentecost experience or if he returned to his land of Sumeria. Maybe he, like many people of this time, went to other parts of the known world; the Pax Romana was in full swing, and with roads, people could travel anywhere they wanted, maybe he might have ended up in one of the cities Paul eventually visited, and a place where an early gathering place was formed?

I don’t think the times were good enough for him to truly come out, but I think he was healed enough to at least live a new life within the context of the confines of his society. Maybe he might have met someone in another city, a gentile who was not as bound to a more constrictive religious tradition?

If anyone reading this would like to explore what you think might have happened to Aaron after the resurrection, after going home with the family that fateful day add a comment and share it with other possible readers.