Looking out from confinement from a cave


Most are gone now, only a few people remain….where are his followers? The wealthy Jewish man orders his servants to bring over a litter and I watch as they place it on the ground. I see two women, one of them quite prominent from his group wrap Yeshua’s bruised, lifeless form inside heavy linen. Slowly, and carefully they leave…..it is finished, it is done. I stare at the cross laying on the ground, I look up to the heavens, bow my head and begin to sob deep tears.

Yeshua taught me something about love, and brought to the forefront of my soul an understanding of compassion. I have much to offer, but in my state of abomination no one would want me, much less let me join them. I cry the tears of an entity condemned, of one who is lost……..I am forsaken.

As Aaron continues is soft personal tears of remorse for Yeshua, and his own life, he feels the touch of another on his arm. With his eyes closed, deep within the recesses of grief, he is only barely aware, but in time he realizes that someone is holding his hand. Then, in a short time, he feels another person take his other hand. In quick succession Aaron feels someone touching his shoulder, another hand gently pats him on the back. From the center of his grief he looks up and finds a small group of strangers bound together; their souls intertwined, their hearts connected in some unexplainable way.

In the silence they stand, and as the moments pass their breathing becomes one…..then, as if predetermined, a voice from within this small group says to Aaron, “You seem as though you are from another place, you must be tired, would you like to come home with us so that you may eat, and rest? You are more than welcome to stay with us, and maybe you can tell us what you know of the teacher and healer known as Yeshua.”

Aaron suddenly feels loved. Aaron feels accepted. He timidly smiles and says, “Yes, I will accept your hospitality, and would like to share what I know.”

Pray for those who are willing to touch others, and those who can accept kindness. Pray for those who are redeemed by faith, and those who recognize grace. Pray for people in all places, in all lands, who are willing to accept others as they are, and individuals who are able to give of themselves with humble authentic truth.

“I lie down in peace; at once I fall asleep; for only you, Lord, make me dwell in safety.” (Psalm 4:8)

Here ends the final station –