Station 12, the execution fence of Matthew Shepard.


I am standing at the rear of a large crowd watching, and wondering how this will end. Some are quiet, others are laughing and continue taunting Yeshua making comments about the sign the Romans placed on his cross saying “King of the Jews.”

Even though it looks as it might rain, as the skies are growing ominous, I stand transfixed, and can not move. In my silence, I wonder what will happen to his followers, and those who were taught by this mystical teacher….I wonder what will happen to myself, and those like me who were afraid to follow him; called by his message of hope. I wonder what will happen to his mother, and his brothers and sisters, and if they will be safe. Hope for me is lost, as if God had given me a taste of goodness, of fullness, and now all this and more has been taken away.

As the sky grows darker, and as my personal private pain claws deeper into my soul, I hear Yeshua give out a large cry, and with a huge clasp of thunder, and as the rain begins pouring down from the heavens, he dies.

Pray for those who die alone. Pray for those who die without hope, without peace, and without comfort. Pray for those who keep watch, who are present, and those with whom compassion is their guide.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? And are so far from my cry and from the words of my distress.” (Psalm 22:1)