Station 9


Yeshua’s walk is slower, and he seems as though he has reached the point of exhaustion. He is breathing heavily, yet I can see he is focused, trying to carry his cross outside the city walls. Just as he reaches the gate, unable to support the weight of his instrument of death, he falls to one knee. I watch Yeshua loose his balance and fall to one side; his body landing with no support on top of the heavy wooden cross.

I watch as the Roman soldiers become angry, telling him he is lazy and stupid. Taking a hold of him, one soldier pulling each arm, they drag Yeshua from the spot where he fell, face down to the place where they will eventually execute him.

I have seen abuse of this sort far too often. I have seen those who are ill maligned by the Pharisees, and told they are paying for the sins of their ancestors. I have seen husbands treat their wives as though they were nothing more than lazy cattle. I have seen children abused by their parents as nothing more than an object of slavery. I am aware of this pain because I live with abuse day in and day out.

Pray for those who suffer at the hands of others from all kinds of personal abuse. Pray for all who are abused in body, mind and spirit, or treated like an object rather than a human being. Pray for those who have been abused by the church, and for those who see abuse and remain silent.

“Give judgment for me, O God, and defend my cause against the ungodly people; deliver me from the deceitful and the wicked” (Psalm 43:1)