Station one


My name is Aaron, and I am an unknown person in the crowd; I am no one. I am no one because I am a Samaritan, and I am homosexual. In the city of Jerusalem I could be put to death as one who lives outside the law and worship in a different way, but I have nothing to loose because I seem to be a man who is worthless to everyone; I am truly alone with no people, and without an acceptable nature.

I was drawn into the city after hearing he was arrested, and to see what the Romans are going to do with this man named Yeshua. I heard him speak more than once, and there was something about this man which made me want to know more. I can’t explain what he actually said, it was beyond everything I know, but as he spoke, I could see with very clear eyes a person who made me feel as though I had self worth. When I heard him speak, I could hear, for the first time, that no matter who I was inside and out, I could celebrate the living God of my ancestors by being true to myself; he was the only person who said I should love myself—–I have never loved myself as I thought it was impossible.

I can’t explain the scene before me very well, but I can guess that the Roman Procurator has sentenced him to death as they are letting a man in chains free. The look on Yeshua’s face denotes a man who is resigned yet strong, humble and secure, aware yet centered on things beyond this time and place. His face is one which shines forth wisdom, knowledge, and truth but also admits to a sense of anxiety.

Beyond my average mind, I feel as though something encasing this agitated scene is beckoning us towards something new. Even with his arms bound, something is calling me to follow him; I must see this through…….


Take a moment to pray for those who have been condemned for being simply who they are. Pray for others in all places, in all lands, who have been sentenced to death for no other reason then that they were truly human, and truly alive as one of God’s own.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence and take not your holy Spirit from me. Give me the joy of the saving help again, and sustain me with your bountiful Spirit. (Psalm 51:11-13)