Tea Party Tic-Tac-Toe

During the past few weeks, the United States Congress was hijacked by a relatively small body of “Tea Party” legislators who (through procedural wrangling) brought the government to a stand still. Most of the furor centered on the implementation of the National Health Care law previously passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law. The leader or spokesperson for this group, Sen. Ted Cruz (R) of Texas masterminded what could be called a failed coup d’état. A “coup” is defined as the “sudden deposition of a government, usually by a small group of the existing state establishment.”

I’ve no wish to add the the politico blogosphere but certain actions during the coup gave me pause, especially since many of the Tea Party pendents  are apt to play the ever popular “Christian Commodity Card” which assumes automatic bona fides. Nothing could be further from the truth as we have seen that the only “good intention” of the legislators responsible for the government shut down was a plan to draw attention to their own careers, and to fill their coffers.

One of the most striking oddities during the shut down was the singing of Amazing Grace as a means to open a meeting of political saboteurs. When a hymn tune weaves its way into the fabric of human consciousness context might be lost, and people can sing words to a pretty homespun tune without fully understanding its meaning, unable to grasp the theological gravity surrounding text. Maybe the group who sang the tune understand the text, but wish the re-frame its meaning, in which case we all might want to rethink our criteria for electing legislators. Read More