le sacreAt age 14, I was thumbing through recordings in my High School music teacher’s office when I came across a series of recordings meant to be used as part of a Music Appreciation class. One of the tracks I played was the famous section from The Rite of Spring where the strings perform a series of down bows with the brass accentuating syncopated rhythms. My entire body and soul connected with the drive of the music and I immediately had to find out the name of the work. Shortly after this encounter I went to the public library and checked out the recording of Stravinsky conducting The Rite of Spring. I had never in my life heard music with such power and raw energy. At the conclusion of the work, with musical accents falling on what seemed to be arbitrary beats, I was so startled that I thought the record was scratched and cleaned the needle. I played it over again soon discovering that this was not the byproduct of a dirty record player needle, but the way the music was interned to sound. Seemingly over night my taste in music changed. Led Zeplin and Iron Butterfly had met their match in the name of a Russian composer named Igor Stravinsky. Read More