I began writing this entry the day before the United States celebrates “Thanksgiving Day”, a holiday in which we offer thanks for the many blessings in our lives. I am very thankful to be able to work daily at my vocation in an atmosphere of support and trust. I am thankful for my little half decorated apartment I share with my partner, it’s cozy, and welcoming. I am thankful for the ongoing support of friends and colleagues. I’m thankful for my national church which recognizes three unique and important areas of clerical leadership (Bishop, Priest and Deacon) as well as focusing on the greatest aspect of church ministry our bright, and amazing Laity.

This week news reached us that the Church of England refused to accept the reality that women can be chosen to be overseers of their national church, affirming that women clerics can be raised up to serve as bishops. At a slim level of thought, it makes me wonder if the Middle Ages are too present, refusing some to recognize the present is not the past.

It is good to remember that women were very, very important in the formation of the Messiah-Folk Movement, long before this body of people were given the title “church.” It is safe to assume that the vast formation of home communities throughout the Roman Empire would not have taken place without female leadership. In Roman culture, where men took care of business, politics and war, females had total control over the household, sometimes opening their estates to Messiah-Folk Gatherings, often supporting apostles with financial backing. Two names crop up in Paul’s letters referencing both Priscilla, and Junia as apostles and important players in the formation of what eventually became Christianity. Read More