“Gay Marriage” Terminating A Term

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Los Angeles Times Headline, June 13, 2011

Growing up, I remember when newspapers routinely included a person’s race as part of a news story. For example, an article might begin this way:

“Ronald Jones, black male age 23, was arrested today out side Johnny’s Liquor Store along the 2300 block of 6th and Temple in Los Angeles.”

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7 Easter Sermon

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Delivered at St. George’s Episcopal Church on June 5, 2011

– Honoring Grads –

Psalm 68:4-5, 33-36, Luke 24:44-53, Ephesians 1:15-23

And so it had come to pass….the events predicted over these past 3 to 4 years had come true….it is finished, and it was time to rejoice. The anxieties were greatly diminished, and the future was bright, and clear…the sky was blue……yes, I had just graduated from High School!

The next morning I had lucked out; I had the house to myself. I was all alone, and to this day remember waking up late, confidently walking into the day feeling new, and transformed.

I remember playing the original Broadway cast album from the hit show 1776. Basking in the march-like overture, I could inwardly sense a kindred parallel between the birth of a new nation, and my own private declaration of independence; a break from the past, and looking with confidence toward the future.

I walked out the front door into what seemed like the first warm strains of a glorious summer, and looking out at the patchy white clouds of the late morning sky, reality took hold, and slapped me square on the face…….oh no….yes, community college starts in the fall, but…….what am I going to do next?
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