The Theology of Oink

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Each child was given a t-shirt with this image on it to celebrate diversity.

This past Sunday we are St. George’s held one of our quarterly Family Services which featured the kids of the parish. It’s a pretty loose service, and always enjoyable. The Gospel for that Sunday (celebrating Christ the King) was Luke 23:33-43 which tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.

I asked the kids and the adults an important theological question saying that we can pretty much understand the answer as to why Jesus died, but has anyone asked why he was killed? I went on to suggest that Jesus was killed because he was different, totally different that all the people around him, and this made others nervous. When people are surrounded with high anxiety, one way to bring down the anxiety level is to remove teachings, or the person. In Jesus’ case, the result was bullying him to death. Jesus taught outside the box, and this was unacceptable. Read More ╗

A Vetran’s Untold Story

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My mother and father's engagement picture

As is with big events, I once asked my father where he was when he heard the news about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He told me that he was already in the Army, and was resting in the barracks. It seems prior to WWII, he had enlisted in the armed forces, and the day after seeing Gone with the Wind in 1939 embarked on a new life, and hopeful career which was, in fact, a way to move forward, away from an economy lacking in jobs, and opportunity.

As time wore on, my dad had moved up the chain of command, but seemed stuck; especially if he was going to remain in the Army as a career choice; he had reached the top rank of a non-commissioned officer. On or about 1943, he took a test, and qualified to enter Officer’s Candidate School (OCS) which was designed to provide the Army with enlisted men who possessed leadership skills, but were unable to attend West Point. OCS was an intensive training period of 90 days after which the candidate would graduate with a commission as First Lieutenant. Read More ╗

Bishop Robinson: The New Frontier

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News broke this weekend regarding the impending retirement of The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, IX Bishop of New Hampshire, taking place in 2012.

Much of the news and blogsphere have quoted the bishop as someone who accepted, and bore the burden of being the first open, and authentic “Gay” bishop in the Episcopal Church, and the wider Anglican body. Others writing about the announcement focused on the pressures placed upon him, the death threats, and the burdens of his witness. Read More ╗

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