Inner Purple

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Inside our church, music designed for introspection is always gently playing  so that if people come inside, music can hopefully move people into a reflective holy space. But, for today, I decided to create a simple meditative space dedicated to the seven human beings who recently, through acts of dehumanization, decided their lives were no longer cherished, or wanted on this earth:

Candle on purple; mourning the loss of recent GLBT suicides represented by 7 stones.

As I took a survey of my past, I remembered a person from high school who used to put up with a fair amount of teasing. If I remember correctly, his first name was Darrell, and he was somewhat effeminate. I remember others making fun of the way he talked, and walked, and now, thinking back, he must have had a difficult time. I also recall being teased, as I was not on a football or baseball team, but in music and dance programs in and out of high school.

Bullying and teasing, especially the vulnerable, is dehumanizing and feeds into evil. We must take action when we see it, or hear it. We must teach others, we must teach ourselves. We must realize that things can’t get better until we say, “enough.”

The Feeding of 200

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Last night, at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Long Beach, God brought out the magnificent divine colors of the human soul which was embroidered within the full context of love. Last night 230 or so people converged on this ground in all walks of life, young and old to see what might happen, and was happened is between their interpersonal relationship with God, but what displayed amongst us who attended was the generous outpouring of affection, and the freedom to stand before God as the fullness of human dignity. People shared their lives, and people were prayed for, and in turn, the corporate body prayed for others. Through all this, lives were transformed. As was hoped, at the after service reception, people naturally shared their own personal stories with others. Read More »

Two Faces

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Whenever I have organized a National Coming Out Day service, like we are leading tomorrow, my mind drifts, like in a prayerful dreamlike status towards the face of two people. These two faces are etched into the cortex of my being, but any details of their faces are foggy and distant as they have been etched over by metaphor of meanings.

My first face is that of a young lad in his late teens or early 20s standing with two of his friends watching the Pride Parade in Long Beach. As our group marched by, a diverse of people, young and old, with same-sex parents with their children, holding a sign which said “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You,” I was waving to people in the crowed when my eyes locked upon a face which was deeply touched. I could see that he was emotionally moved; something in his inner being tugged at his heart, and he was almost brought to tears. For a few moments we communicated, though not a word was spoken. Trying to remain anonymous amongst his friends talking and laughing, he sheepishly raised his hand to his chest, and cupping his hand, gave us a tender simple wave. Was it a wave hello or a wave of good-bye, or a wave of thank you? I will never know, but this face, and what transpired is forefront in my mind each and every year I begin to plan our service. Read More »

I can feel it

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Every once in a while, God calls a group of people together in order to facilitate something wonderful. Every once in  a while, God bring people together to participate in an experience leading towards some sort of transformation. It all begins with a group of people converging, a group of people willing, and open. When people gather, in a sacred space, a spark can be ignited, and the voice of hope cries out, and is heard:

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