Pentecost and the Ontological me

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It’s strange how things happen, and when they happen. Last weekend I was involved as part of the altar party in two ordinations, plus I had to take care of services at St. George’s where I am on staff as my rector began a much needed sabbatical.  Last weekend might also have been named a weekend of “I bind unto myself today.” I, personally, have had enough of that hymn for the time being. Read More

Haunting Sadness

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screaming boyVested and ready to process into the Long Beach Convention Center for the consecration of two bishop suffragans, I had inadvertently taken a wrong turn, and was told by security I had to exit the building, and walk around a secured area and re-enter through the same security check in area I had entered after I had first arrived. So be it….I understood.

As I was making my way bacl to the building I had to walk past two people representing the typical array of shouters who show up at all religious, or human rights events from Gay Pride parades, to the AIDS Walk in Orange County. These people are not members of a church but a group using freedom of speech, and “church” protection show up at many public events including funerals of fallen soldiers spewing hate in the name of Christ. Read More

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