The Need of a Sparrow

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A week ago,  Saturday,  I led the office of Compline, and as an opening Orison house_sparrow(bidding prayer), I chanted the opening strains from Samuel Barber’s opus, The Prayers of Kierkegaard.  This prayer has stayed with me for many years ever since I rehearsed the work as a member of a community chorus.

Contained within the prayer, Kierkegaard writes, “The need of a sparrow; even this moves Thee, and was we scarcely see, a human sigh, this moves Thee, O infinite Love!” Read More

National Coming Out Day and the Dreaded “E” Word

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open-door.jpgIt was in the year 2004, that I was able to pull together St. Wilfrid of York Episcopal Church’s first service honoring National Coming Out Day.  As one who was always frustrated with Gay Pride celebrations, it seemed logical to choose this day which celebrates a transformation in an individual’s life, a time when a person is re-born into fullness, and authenticity, and to have a church available so that God could participate in this joyous celebration. There are three vivid memories which stand out from this very first service: Read More

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