Different Planets

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asterisk.jpgLast night Felix and I watched an American Masters biography covering the life and work of Leonard Bernstein. When the program came to its conclusion I began to wonder if Lenny and I lived on the same planet — from what I experienced from his words; we do not.

Like any great artist, he saw the world through a different mode, a lens filtered through an alternative perspective; this perspective is something in which we can relate, but at the same evokes a sense of awe. Read More

A Parting Glance

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Lent is almost over, and as I head into Holy Week I thought I might share bits and pieces of my Lenten journey. Compared to last year, the time spent in Lbaptismal-fontent has been more outward in its nature, as compared to last year when I turned inward writing the Gay Stations of the Cross.

This year I have spent the season preparing a candidate for Baptism. Much like the early days of Christianity, we have used this time to speak about faith, and the important aspects of discipleship. Our journey together has not been one of rules and regulations, or dogma with do’s and don’ts,  our chats have revolved around growth in faith, how to approach scripture as nourishment, and the important aspects of community. Along the way we have also talked about prayerful honesty, the concepts of self giving love both offering and receiving, and the gift of forgiveness. Read More

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