Thanksgiving: Our Daily Bread

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It has been an amazing month. All of it stems from a day where I made a simple, and spontaneous decision to take someone to the Huntington who had never been, impulsive gratitude for a place I enjoy, and wanted to share — and then the car accident.

Since that time, a mere month and 3 days, with all the trauma surrounding a motorist who had driven without current valid insurance, my financial position went from little to almost none. I am literally living one step away from devastation.  Having already embraced a very simple life with little frills, most any devaluation could make things much worse. During this month, as security of life began to unravel, I have had a heightened awareness of what it means to be truly thankful for my “daily bread.” (Matt 6:11)

Those of us who have been raised around the center of Christianity know what has been named The Lord’s Prayer, and we rattle it off many times, especially in groups of people as it is contained within almost any liturgy, but when we come to the part which says, “Give us today our daily bread, ” do we truly understand or are we able to grasp its meaning?

In my mind, I connect thanks for daily bread to other words found in the same chapter in Matthew which says, “And can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your span of life?” (Matt 6:27). In my present situation, each day as it comes to an end, I am thankful once again to have been offered another day, another day to participate in the lives of others around me – I have been offered my daily bread in all forms. Meager as my daily existence is, being able to acknowledge the abundance of having little expands my inner soul.

The question we as a people must attempt to understand might be: how much bread do we truly need?

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As pointed out by Liberation Theologian Leonardo Boff

Protest against the passage of prop. 8 in Los Angeles

singlebörse für christen The Holy Spirit only appears amongst groups of people

Danger Will Robinson = Emotivism

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Logic based on emotionEmotivism is a philosophical-psychological theory that asserts this: Ethical statements can be reduced to feelings that the speaker or writer is having (presuming that they’re sincere). So when I say, “Murder is wrong!” what I’m really doing is expressing an “emotion”

From an ethical point of view, emotivism takes the “ought” and bases it not on the principle of logic, saying that murder ought not to be done because the taking of a human life is abhorrent to civilized culture, but reduces “murder is wrong” because the person making the assertion feels that its wrong. Read More

Struggle and Righteousness

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Protest March against the passing of Prop. 8As the final count of ballots continue, there is little hope that the no vote against Proposition 8 will prevail. I was struck by two things since Tuesday night’s election: one was the overriding misrepresentation what is meant by righteousness and second, the idea of justice, and the reality as to how God uses people to propagate the true meaning of justice.

The two themes of righteousness and justice are almost always contained within the writings of the Prophets – in this case the minor prophet named Amos. Two verses come to mind which seem speak to the outcome surrounding Prop. 8: Read More

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