Abby Mann, Thank you

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It was reported today that screenwriter Abby Mann had passed away. One of the most important films he made was the Stanley Kramer epic, Judgment at Nuremberg. According to the Los Angeles Times:

During his more than 50-year career as a writer, producer and director, Mann built a strong reputation for his issue-oriented, thought-provoking projects. A multiple Emmy winner, Mann was especially critical of the inner workings of the American criminal justice system. He was known for creating complex characters and was scrupulous in his investigative research.

The movie version of “Judgment” brought him to Hollywood, where he went on to write 1963’s “A Child Is Waiting,” directed by John Cassavetes, a drama that dealt with mentally challenged children, and the 1965 adaptation of Katherine Anne Porter’s novel “Ship of Fools,” which was directed by Kramer and brought Mann a second Oscar nomination.

I invite you to click on the scene which represents the power of using words to express a sentiment so strong that is speaks to us today; this is the use of language which surpassed the time in which it was written, or even the context for which it was intended. It also helps to have a powerhouse like Spencer Tracy deliver the words in such a way that truth is brought to life.

O Captain, My Captain!

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All canonical bishops of the Anglican Communion, every 10 years, are invited to what is called the Lambeth Conference as it is held at the Lambeth palace; the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury. From their official website it reads:

It takes place every ten years at the invitation of the chat forum kostenlos Archbishop of Canterbury. It is the one occasion when all bishops can meet for worship, study and conversation. Archbishops, diocesan, assistant and suffragan bishops are invited. Read More

What of Arron?

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asterisk.jpgAs I participated in two services this Easter Sunday at the parish were I am on staff my mind would occasionally turn to Arron, the fictional person I had spent much time with during Lent, the subject of the GLBT Stations of the Cross reflections I had created and posted here on my site. I wondered about his future, and what might happen to his group, the small band of people who invited him home. Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 14

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Looking out from confinement from a cave


Most are gone now, only a few people remain….where are his followers? The wealthy Jewish man orders his servants to bring over a litter and I watch as they place it on the ground. I see two women, one of them quite prominent from his group wrap Yeshua’s bruised, lifeless form inside heavy linen. Slowly, and carefully they leave… is finished, it is done. I stare at the cross laying on the ground, I look up to the heavens, bow my head and begin to sob deep tears. Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 13

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Soldier holds dying child in Iraq


The many who had stayed to watch Yeshua die have now left, but a small group of people remain, all of us, including myself, stand in silence. This is not the first time we have been witness to a crucifixion, this practice of the Romans is becoming common, but there is something different about it, something deeper has happened, and I can’t quite understand its meaning. casino on net download,descargar demo casino on net,casino on netruleta americana pagina internetruleta americana portalesjugar a ruletacasinos pagina internetcasinos internacionales portales webjuegos instantaneosruleta europea webganancia casinometodos sistemas ruletadescargar ruleta gratistragaperras webganar dinero portal internetfree casino,free casino online,free casino gamecasino gratis,juego casino gratis,juegos casino gratisjuego portal webjuegos seguros onlinecasino euroganancias casinos portal internetmaquina tragaperras portalesvideo poker webslots en lineatragaperra pagina webpremios internetjugar jack black en lineajugar interactivo portales internetjugar apostar pagina webjuego seguro lineapremio dinero portal webjuegos apuestas paginas internetganar dinero internetpremios dinero internetjuego paginas webganar dinero paginas webruleta de la suerte onlineganar ruleta casinowin roulettejuego casino weblotto am mittwochcasino tropez bonus codecasino online und poker portalonline casino spielcasino online guidewww casino spielebicycle casino gamesonline roulette simulator,online roulette,fun roulette onlineein armiger banditcasino comkasino comonline kasino spiel

Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 12

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Station 12, the execution fence of Matthew Shepard.


I am standing at the rear of a large crowd watching, and wondering how this will end. Some are quiet, others are laughing and continue taunting Yeshua making comments about the sign the Romans placed on his cross saying “King of the Jews.” Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 11

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Station 11


The Roman centurion orders his soldiers to prepare Yeshua for crucifixion. They lay him down on the cross while one soldier places a knee on his stomach, and the other places a nail on his wrist. I can’t watch, this is too much for me, and I avert my eyes, but I hear the strike of the hammer on the iron, and I hear Yeshua scream in pain. Something caused me to look up, and I see Yeshua’s face staring up to heaven, it is like a face of a child. In turn, his other hand is attached, and then his feet; I feel sick. Aaron, trying to re-construct this horrific scene in some sort of order, reaches into his soul, and admits that he is guilty, guilty from taking the goodness from Yeshua, but offering nothing in return. Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 10

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Station 10


The Romans grab Yeshua from where he lay, pulling him to his feet. I am not sure what they are going to do next. One soldier spits on him, and another does something unimaginable; they strip him of his clothing! This public act is a total insult to his chastity, and his character—his public being known as Rabbi. Someone standing next to me said in soft tones, “They are treating him like a Pagan.” Another yelled out in a condescending tone of voice, “Look…he’s a whore.” Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 9

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Station 9


Yeshua’s walk is slower, and he seems as though he has reached the point of exhaustion. He is breathing heavily, yet I can see he is focused, trying to carry his cross outside the city walls. Just as he reaches the gate, unable to support the weight of his instrument of death, he falls to one knee. I watch Yeshua loose his balance and fall to one side; his body landing with no support on top of the heavy wooden cross.

I watch as the Roman soldiers become angry, telling him he is lazy and stupid. Taking a hold of him, one soldier pulling each arm, they drag Yeshua from the spot where he fell, face down to the place where they will eventually execute him.

I have seen abuse of this sort far too often. I have seen those who are ill maligned by the Pharisees, and told they are paying for the sins of their ancestors. I have seen husbands treat their wives as though they were nothing more than lazy cattle. I have seen children abused by their parents as nothing more than an object of slavery. I am aware of this pain because I live with abuse day in and day out.

Pray for those who suffer at the hands of others from all kinds of personal abuse. Pray for all who are abused in body, mind and spirit, or treated like an object rather than a human being. Pray for those who have been abused by the church, and for those who see abuse and remain silent.

“Give judgment for me, O God, and defend my cause against the ungodly people; deliver me from the deceitful and the wicked” (Psalm 43:1)

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 8

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Station 8 - Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem


As Yeshua once again made his way, his final walk towards crucifixion, I notice a group of women crying for him. He was walking very slowly at this point, almost to point point of utter exhaustion. As I was trying to make my way down the street he seemed to pause and say something to the crying women, but I could not make out what he said. One of the women, a face I had seen countless time, lived in Cesaria, and had given money to Yeshua and his group. Read More

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