GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 7

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Station 7


The centurion had decided Simon had carried the cross enough, and made Yeshua resume his labor. I don’t know how he would be able to continue, but he attempted to complete his death walk. As he took a few steps, the crowd loosing some of its hardened zeal, grew more silent and in a sick way appeared to encourage him on his path. Don’t they realize what is in store for him when he makes his way outside the city? After a few more steps Yeshua falls again, the sound of the cross once again making a loud thud echoing beyond the walls and the streets. Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 6

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Station 6



I see a woman break through the line of guards lining the walk of Yeshua. The guards attempt to stop her, but in a stern and confident tone orders them to stand aside as she claims to be a Roman Citizen. From the way she is dressed, and her accent, I can tell she must be from another region, but her authority in tone outweighs her obvious inconsistencies. Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 5

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kostenloser singelchat Station 5: Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

The screaming and pronounced humiliations shouted at Yeshua becomes less pronounced. As I walk down the street, trying to shadow his journey, I notice he is having a difficult time standing up, the weight of the large heavy cross seems too much for him. I over hear some saying that they think he’ll die before the Romans have a chance to crucify him. Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 4

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markt de kontaktanzeigen STATION 4: JESUS MEETS HIS MOTHER

As I watch Yeshua struggle to complete his final journey, a scream is heard. It is the sound of a women, and in the distance I can see the form of an older, life worn face screaming his name saying “What are you doing to my son!” I see the older woman try to make her way to him, yet the Roman soldiers prevent her from stepping closer. I can see Yeshua and his mother look at one another. I can sense a silent form of communication cut through the experience as if they are speaking to one another through silent thoughtful prayer. I can see that through her strength, she has allowed Yeshua to follow his path, loving him for his totality, and not a mere fabrication of what she wanted him to be. Read More

GLBT Stations of the Cross: Station 3

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Station 3


Walking behind the crowd of people taunting Yeshua, I followed his path. Once in a while I would stop and watch him pass. The weight of the thick, course wooden cross seemed heavy, and I wondered if I would be able to carry it. He seemed very tired, yet in the past hearing him speak, he seemed full of life in a way in which I could never live up to. Across the street, I noticed one of his key followers. Someone in the crowd started to speak with him, and I saw him run away as if he were ashamed; this is quite odd since I remember he always walking close to Yeshua. Read More

Gay Stations of the Cross: Station 2

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Station 2


I stood in front of the citadel for some time not knowing if the Rabbi and Teacher Yeshua would be handed over to the Sanhedrin or the Roman authorities, and I overheard various opinions to what may happen, but all agreed that what ever was to be done would take place quickly before sundown. I made my way closer to see if I could a better view as some decided they had to leave, but there was still a sizable crowd milling about. Read More

Gay Stations of the Cross: Station 1

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Station one


My name is Aaron, and I am an unknown person in the crowd; I am no one. I am no one because I am a Samaritan, and I am homosexual. In the city of Jerusalem I could be put to death as one who lives outside the law and worship in a different way, but I have nothing to loose because I seem to be a man who is worthless to everyone; I am truly alone with no people, and without an acceptable nature. Read More

Varying Shades of Paul

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I’ve been studying the life and writings of Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, and have found a surprise turn in my thinking, not so much in content (which is amazing), but the revealed precedence of Paul, his process, and our inheritance given to people of this age, and beyond.

Most people have problems with Paul, myself included. When I was younger, I would have been happy if the majority of the Epistles could have been removed from bibles. The worst critic of Paul was Nietzsche, calling Paul the Anti-Christ writing:

“In Paul was embodied the antithetical type to the ‘bringer of glad tidings’ the genius of hatred, of the vision of hatred, of the inexorable logic of hatred. What did this dysangelist not sacrifice to his hatred! The redeemer above all: he nailed him to his Cross.”

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