Comparisons On the Road to Folly

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Hand Drawn AngelToday, much of our nation’s time concerned itself with private moments of contemplation, centered upon the unique events of September 11, 2001. Morning news showed memorials as they happened, and other programs recounted tales of heroics and tragedy. More than one person, including the President, tried to parallel the hyper terrorist attack of September 11 with the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, December 2, 1941. As I considered this statement, I came to realize that these two tragic dates have very little on common.

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Becoming Jane

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Becoming JaneA passion so intense, and so deep as to defy reality, a passion so deep it moves one beyond the realm of mere attraction, but a love so deep, and profound that it affects the lives of two people from that moment onward. This is the theme which drew me into Becoming Jane so much so that I saw the movie twice on subsequent afternoons.

The story, an expanded work of fiction, is very loosely based on a brief flirtation which actually occurred in the life of novelist Jane Austin. History records that something happened between the young Jane, and an upstart lawyer Tom Lefroy, but nothing came of the affair. All that remains are, from my brief research, two letters which scholars believe was the basis of the character formation of Mr. Darcy (from Austin’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice.) Read More »

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