Hospitality, Humility and Bette Davis

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asterisk.jpgFirst I send the reader to take a moment to read this passage from Luke 14: 7-14. I would like to share a story, one which I could not really preach in public. I think it’s a bit fun, too as it involves a grand old Diva from Hollywood.

Famed actress Bette Davis used to live on the corner of Fountain and Crescent Heights Blvd in the city of West Hollywood. This is a grand building, very French looking and appears to be a Chateau, but in reality, it’s a fashionable condo conversion called Le Fontainebleau. To this day, as I drive into West Hollywood and pass this landmark, I remember this story told to me by one of the two gentlemen in the story. Read More

National Coming Out Day 2007

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asterisk.jpgNational Coming Out Day may not happen until October 11, 2007, but I have been quite busy doing the preparation work for this year’s 4th annual celebration set for October 9 at St. Wilfrid of York Episcopal Church in Huntington Beach [for those who like to mark their calender, that’s a Tuesday] starting at 7 pm.

Once again the South Coast Chorale from Long Beach, California [a GLBT Affirming Mixed Choir] shall participate, along with various other people from the community. There are some plans which I am not able to announce, but this year’s special welcoming service could become our greatest ever. Read More

Spirituality at Work

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Spirituality at Work by Gregory F.A. Pierce, Loyola Press, 2001While I was attending the NAAD Conference in Seattle, I came across this book which was sub-titled, 10 Ways to Balance Your Life on the Job. This would not normally be a book I would choose to read as I work full time in church ministry, and if I could not find spirituality in my work then something was wrong, but the idea sounded like something I could possibly use as a book study, or at least use as a resource for an upcoming Benedictine Work Day I am planning to lead in October.

Once I started the book I was taken in by the authors relaxed conversational writing style as it became immediately apparent he was not writing at me, or preaching, was more as if over the years Pierce had slowly found things which worked, and graciously wished to share them with others. He speaks about this in his introduction which says: Read More

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