The Power of Yes

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Last week I received a call from a hospice chaplain saying that a person in her charge had passed away, and that the last wish of the women was to have prayers said over her in a church. She asked if the church where I work could open up their doors, and could someone say prayers over the ashes in the presence of the family.

Upon further consultation with the chaplain I found out that the woman was married, and that the family moved here 10 years ago from Wales, and as I got into the conversation I found out that she was 49 years old leaving a husband, a 19 year old son, and a 10 year old daughter. Read More »

Labyrinth At Dusk

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LabyrinthI walked up to the rocky uneven, and a slightly weed infested labyrinth. I remember the first time I walked this path…I remembered balancing one stone on top of another, there were two stones at that point, two years ago, and now I found a mass of little stones and pebbles forming a mini-monument to those of have entered this pathway.

I walk into the path with no particular thought… fact, I had decided I was not going to walk the labyrinth this visit, but after Compline, as we settled into silence, I sat for a moment in the reserved sacrament room, and rested….then I found myself with camera in hand to catch a glimpse of the slowly arriving sunset. With the stoned lined labyrinth in front of me…..the next thing I knew I had set down my camera on a nearby rock, and walked in. Read More »

At a Distance

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asterisk.jpgNodding Acquaintance: Superficial knowledge of someone or something, as in I have a nodding acquaintance with the company president, or She has a nodding acquaintance with that software program. This expression alludes to knowing someone just well enough to nod or bow upon meeting him or her. [Early 1800s] Read More »

Beverly Sills: May 25, 1929 – July 2, 2007

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Beverly SillsI was surprised to learn of the passing of, in my opinion, one of the great voices of opera, Beverly Sills; succumbing to an aggressive form of lung cancer on July 2. She was 78 years old.

I have never been much of an opera person, but I do love the human voice. On the whole, I find opera bloated theater, and much too grand for my theatrical taste, but significant arias, and scenes tend to move me. Read More »

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