NAAD Conference: Seattle

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North American Association of Deacons Conference: Seattle Univ, June 21-24,  2007Picture Montage

It was a time of sharing, learning, praying, conversation, questions, and nurturing with an amazing sense of hope and empowerment. It was an open time, a time of sharing; it was a regular exchange amongst deacons who embody, or as was said more than once, including the Presiding Bishop, a gathering of the Icons of the church expressing God’s light to the world.

I can’t begin or even wish to share a blow by blow journal of the four day conference, but I would certainly like to share some impressions which will take a few words to express.

It was a said that deacons are much more open to sharing, and letting others know the work they are doing, and how they are working in the world. This was commented upon by prebyster’s who atteneded the conference. It was refreshing to speak to others about hopes and dreams and setbacks but NOT have to explain the nature of diakonia. Read More »

On the Move

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IconI leave on Thursday flying to Seattle, WA attending the NAAD Conference, North American Association of Deacons. This is a national convention of ordained, and lay people who are members committed to the work and ministry of the Diaconate. This four day meeting for networking, learning, worship, and bridge building will be an extremely important step in my own formation. As luck would have it, the keynote address shall be made by our Presiding Bishop Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori.  Other highlights include a banquet on an island, home of an indigenous tribe, and finally Eucharist held at St. Mark’s Cathedral.

I have no idea what shall happen, and who I might meet, and what I may learn at the 3 workshops I plan to attended, but I know the experience will be invaluable. I can only say that I am going and looking forward to this ever increasing step towards the mystery of my journey. 

Physically I am being taken to Seattle, but beyond this pedantic fact..where will it lead me?

CSW Parade 2007 My Experience

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Yours Truly - Pride Parade 20072007 marked my fifth year participating in the Christopher Street West Parade, better known as the Gay Pride Parade held yearly in West Hollywood. Though each year involved some of the same processes, each year is unique, and has its own memories.

My journey took me to meet my friend Frank, who snapped most of the pictures included in this entry, meeting at the Metro Rail station in Pasadena, slated to connect with a friend of mine coming up from Orange County. Ian is a younger friend, and one whom I met via a few years chatting in an open community chat room. We got along, and eventually met…to this day we keep in contact, and do things together; I consider him a good friend. Read More »

Pride March 2007

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Pride March 2004Once again that time of year, time for fags, fairies, queeries, and other homos and friends to gather for the West Hollywood Christopher Street West (Gay Pride) Parade. I suspect this year shall be no different. We shall gather together with our brother and sister Lutherans in the parking lot of a bank in weho, and will have a Eucharist service. I am happy to announce that I was asked to be a chalice bearer, which will be a great thrill. After the service we’ll walk over to the French Marketplace to have some breakfast, and then make our way to our spot in the parade line up to wait, and wait and wait. Read More »

My First Sermon Experience

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Today was the day. Amy asked if I was nervous, and I told her I was anxious to do well, but not gripped with fear; I told the truth. I delivered my first sermon, and things went very well. I didn’t rush, and I got the giggles in all the right places. Before I gave the sermon I went to Amy for a blessing, I wanted it, and needed it, and I also felt it was appropriate as she is the canonical head of the parish, and represents the Bishop. After the sermon when I sat down, she gave me a big hug. It was quite an experience, but the grace was not over.

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