Ahhhhhh a Meeting

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My journey took me to a Gay AA meeting somewhere in Pasadena. It had been a month since my last AA meeting. I never would have thought that I’d say this, but I have spent the last two weeks really longing to attend. It’s not so much that I fear I would pick up a drink, or have had a craving for alcohol, but there is something about being in the presence, and listening to fellow drunks share their stories, struggles, hopes, and revelations which empowers my own sobriety. I was not mistaken. Read More

Charles Nelson Reilly

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I was surprised to hear today of the passing of actor-director-game show persona Charles Nelson ReillyCharles Nelson Reilly. Long before I came out, before I had learned the term “gaydar”, I was aware something was a bit different about this person I’d seen on the Match Game, and on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I first remember his appearances on the short lived sitcom, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. He played a bumbling relative of the ghost, and was always being haunted, and shaken by the entity of the long dead sea captain.

Later, much to my surprise, I realized through his appearances on talk shows, that he was quite active as a director of serious stage productions, having also spent a considerable amount of his off screen career directing opera. Read More

Long Beach Pride!

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Look for me this weekend (read about my thoughts on the Journey page) marching with St. Luke’s Episcpal Church, Long Beach along with other GLBT brothers and sisters and friends showing those along the parade route that we are united in the cause of offering all people, no matter where they are in their own spiritual journey, a home of support for their life and work in the world. Below is a copy of an interview I gave for DotNewsMagazine as to why I march, and how my life was transformed. Read More

Added the Dance Page

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I have compressed the past material and pictures and added the dance page. I took clippings from my journals from this period in my journey and threw together pictures which where taken at the time. This is not a complete record, but it gives some idea of my past life as a dancer, choreographer and educator.

A new Page!

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Anyone visiting will see that I’ve added an “About” page, which is a short introduction, and states what will be covered inside the site. I will add more when I find the time, and I am able to gather material from the old site, while updating the new.

What Happened to Dancer’s Webspace?

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For those who might have stumbled upon my website, which has been on the net for 11 years or so, it has not been deleted. I decided to update the look, and the content. While I was at it, I also wanted to rename it, too!I am in the process of of re-designing the site, and adding content.  The new site shall be completed when I am able.


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